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Rules for the forum:

•   This is a Pittsford Only Forum for the sole purpose of discussing Pittsford Wrestling.
•   If you are not a Pittsford wrestler, past Pittsford wrestler or a parent of a current Pittsford wrestler - this forum is off limits.
•   This is a Pittsford Wrestling Club Sponsored website and falls under the same rules of other Pittsford Central School Web Sites.
•   Usage is monitored and can be subject to the discipline of the Pittsford School District.
•   When setting up you account you need to use your full First and Last name as your screen name and a valid email address. If this is not followed your account and posts will be deleted.
•   The Forum and your screen name are password protected. You are not allowed to share these passwords. If you notice abuse on the forum or with your account, then you need to notify Coach Bovenzi at jason_bovenzi@pittsford.monroe.edu or risk having your account deleted and not reinstated.

If you agree to the above then: click here to proceed to the forum
  Questions or Issues  
Email Coach Bovenzi at jason_bovenzi@pittsford.monroe.edu
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