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  Monroe County Championship  
Team Final:
1. Spencerport 266.0
2. Penfield 185.5
3. Pittsford 146.5
4. Brockport 125.0
5. Brighton 124.5
6. Hilton 109.0
7. Fairport 93.5
8. Gates-Chili 91.0
9. Greece Olympia 91.0
10. Webster Schroeder 86.0
11. Churchville-Chili 81.5
12. Batavia 74.0
13. Rush-Henrietta 68.0
14. Victor 59.0
15. Greece Athena 56.0
16. Irondequoit 44.0
17. Canandaigua 43.0
18. Webster Thomas 37.0
19. Honeyoe Falls 16.0
20. Eastridge 2.0

Outstanding Wrestler Award (Lower Weights) - CJ Howard (Pittsford)
Outstanding Wrestler Award (Upper Weights) - Brandon Contreras (Penfield)

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Individual Results
096 Results:
1st 96 Bryan Ruggeri (Fairport) def. Vincent Deprez (Hilton) 8-6
3rd Adam Putz (Brighton) def. Mitch Moran (Penfield) 6-2
5th Matt Boyle (Batavia) def. Brandon Cheng (Rush-Henrietta) 5-115

103 Results:
1st Geoff Brown (Spencerport) def. Dwann Hall (Pittsford) 3-2
3rd Ben Brooks (Irondequoit) def. Ari Crane (Brighton) 5-3
5th Carl Fantauzzo (Greece Athena) def. Brennan Root (Rush-Henrietta) Pin at 4:51

112 Results:
1st Brandon Ling (Penfield) def. Brady Baron (Pittsford) 3-0
3rd Morgan Perry (Hilton) def. Cal Hotelling (Fairport) 8-3
5th Tom Burgess (Canandaigua) def. Jake Boice (Honeyoe Falls) Pin at 4:07

119 Results:
1st Mike Gentilcore (Greece Olympia) def. James Montante (Penfield) 7-4
3rd Adam Mazzeo (Spencerport) def. Nick Luongo (Brighton) 5-2
5th Jordan Messimer (Rush-Henrietta) def. Tanya Kusse (Webster Schroeder) 6-4

125 Results:
1st Cam Kelly (Pittsford) def. Mike Piedimonte (Spencerport) 5-0
3rd Jimmy Porteus (Brockport) def. Zach Koenig (Penfield) 2-1
5th Josh Mase (Batavia) def. Glen Rugaber (Victor) 9-2

130 Results:
1st Chester Demanchick (Gates-Chili) def. Tom Crawford (Churchville-Chili) 7-3
3rd Conor Moar (Pittsford) def. Sean Murphy (Penfield) 4-2
5th Phil Spezio (Spencerport) def. Ryan Reed (Rush-Henrietta) Win by Forfeit

135 Results:
1st CJ Howard (Pittsford) def. Joe Bonaldi (Greece Olympia) 8-4
3rd Harley Kusse (Webster Schroeder) def. Steve Maier (Spencerport) 2-1
5th Corey Lauth (Brockport) def. Stas Smirnov (Penfield) Win by Forfeit

140 Results:
1st Lewis Cucchiara (Gates-Chili) def. Zack Haas (Spencerport) 5-3
3rd George Tawadros (Brighton) def. Adam Ludwicki (Churchville-Chili) 4-3
5th Seth Gilligan (Canandaigua) def. Michael Countryman (Fairport) Major Dec. 12-1

145 Results:
1st Paul Morabito (Spencerport) def. Jeff Palmeri (Rush-Henrietta) 8-2
3rd Alec Panipinto (Webster Schroeder) def. Jim Hough (Hilton) 7-3
5th Keifer Phillips (Greece Athena) def. David Lyons (Brockport) 3-2

152 Results:
1st Adam Willman (Victor) def. Roy Daniels (Spencerport) 1-0
3rd Conner Lorenzo (Brighton) def. Andrew Wightman (Webster Schroeder) 4-3
5th Paul Lloyd (Pittsford) def. Justin Gibson (Honeyoe Falls) 5-4

160 Results:
1st Joe Inzana (Spencerport) def. Richard Leverenz (Brockport) Major Dec. 19-7
3rd Austin Roland (Fairport) def. Dustin White (Greece Athena) 2-1
5th Zac Congdon (Canandaigua) def. Josh Reed (Webster Schroeder) 3-1

171 Results:
1st Ryan Darch (Batavia) def. Anthony Frosino (Gates-Chili) 9-2
3rd Cody Miller (Spencerport) def. Ricky Looby (Irondequoit) 5-0
5th David Kelley (Brighton) def. Richie Childs (Brockport) 3-1

189 Results:
1st Brandon Contreras (Penfield) def. Brad Englert (Spencerport) Pin at 2:45
3rd Ben Griffiths (Hilton) def. Ryan Fitzsimmons (Churchville-Chili) Pin at 2:08
5th John Pestillo (Batavia) def. David Lee (Pittsford) Win by Forfeit

215 Results:
1st Enzo Zagari (Spencerport) def. James Mault (Brockport) 1-0
3rd Jake Barnhart (Penfield) def. Dan Guarino (Churchville-Chili) 5-1
5th Matt Ingalls (Brighton) def. Dylan Novisky (Fairport) 8-2

285 Results:
1st Angelo DiNottia (Greece Olympia) def. Dylan Kaminsky (Greece Athena) Pin at 2:27
3rd Robert Knight (Brockport) def. Josh Sweeney (Spencerport) 3-2
5th Joel Rudnick (Brighton) def. Owen Bloss (Penfield) Pin at 1:15

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