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Will my child need to lose weight for wrestling?

•   No. Your child may lose weight from increased physical activity, but losing weight intentionally to make a certain weight class is not expected and is actually discouraged in this age group. Even in high school and college, weight classes and the practice of “cutting weight” are now closely watched and highly regulated.

•  In practice, your child will be matched up with other kids of similar size and experience level. In competitions, which are divided by age and weight, your child will wrestle someone within 1-2 years of their age and within 5 pounds of their weight.

What is NYWAY?

•  New York Wrestling Association for Youth, an organization that supports youth wrestling throughout the state. It offers insurance for wrestlers and also sponsors tournaments, including the state championship.

What is GRYWL?

•  Greater Rochester Youth Wrestling League. This is a local league that allows youth teams to compete against each other in a dual meet format similar to that used at the junior high, high school, and collegiate levels.

What about cauliflower ear?

•  “Cauliflower ear” can develop in wrestlers over time as a result of repeated trauma (rubbing or hits) to the ears. It is largely preventable by using well-fitting headgear, which is required at all competitions. Please don’t hesitate to ask the coaches any questions about appropriateness and fit of your child’s headgear.

What about skin infections?

•  All necessary measures will be taken to help prevent skin infections. The mats are mopped daily and can be spot cleaned as needed. Wrestlers are required to wear indoor-only shoes, preferably a pair dedicated to wrestling. Wrestlers (and coaches) are encouraged to shower soon after practice. Anyone with a skin infection will not be allowed to practice until cleared by his/her physician.

What about other injuries?

•  Wrestling is a contact sport, not a collision sport, but injuries can occur — as in any other sport. In addition to teaching proper technique, we emphasize one of the most important components of wrestling, control, both physical and emotional. Any wrestler who puts his/her opponent at risk through improper technique or heightened emotion will be corrected immediately.

Can girls wrestle?

•  Absolutely! One of USA Wrestling’s two gold medals in the most recent Olympics were earned by a woman.

What equipment will my child need?

•  Shorts, a T-shirt and clean, indoor-only, sneakers are the absolute minimum requirements. Headgear is highly recommended (see above) and required for competition. Wrestling shoes are also recommended.

•  For competition, a uniform is required. The traditional uniform is a singlet, and there will be a team singlet available for purchase. However, as some people are uncomfortable with the singlet, it has become acceptable to wear shorts and compression tees. These can be made available if there is a high enough demand.

What is the time commitment and what is the competition schedule?

•  Practice will be twice weekly (no practice on school holidays) for 1.5 hours at Barker Road Middle School (the mats will remain down in the small gym all season). There will be two sessions. Session 1 runs from November through December. Session 2 runs from January through March, and off for school holidays. We understand that you and your children have multiple commitments and may not be able to make all practices. However, for the highest safety and fullest experience of the wrestlers, we strongly encourage attendance at all practices. Please notify the coaching staff if you need to miss a practice.

•  We will participate in the GRYWL dual meets with one wrestler at each weight class wrestling against the other team.

•  Tournaments occur throughout wrestling season (that is, both sessions, with most tournaments in Session 2). We will plan to go to 3-4 tournaments as a team. There are multiple other tournaments regionally and state-wide, and kids are encouraged to compete as much as possible.

For any other questions, please feel free to contact Coach Lynn at 302-559-7446 or pittsford.junior.wrestling@gmail.com

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