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Why wrestling?

Coach Lynn’s take

Wrestlers are a different type of people. You can tell them apart from the way they hold themselves. They display a quiet, but obvious, confidence when they walk in the room knowing that they can be in charge of any situation. They are comfortable being relied upon to be “the one” to complete the task.

Wrestling is an individual sport, but with a large team component. In competition all eyes are on you with only you and your opponent responsible for who wins and who loses. You are also the one you need to answer to if you did not do your best. You are the one responsible for making the improvements. You can take pride in your wins, take pride in in the effort in your losses, take pride in learning a new move or improving an old one, and take pride in maintaining your stance through the entire match, no matter how tired you were.

Wrestling is a merit-based sport. Most spots on a wrestling team are determined by a wrestle-off where the winner of that match earns the spot. Wrestling is also a sport that rewards hard work as the harder you work the better you get. I was never the most naturally-talented one on my team, but I started on every team I was on because of the hard work I put in day in and day out. There will always be those who are more naturally talented, but there are enough spots on a team that there will always be a spot for a hard worker.

Wrestling is a sneaky team sport. On the surface it is an individual sport, but in order to get better you need your teammates to help you, to push you. Learning new moves and perfecting old ones requires a good partner to work with. I always prided myself on being a good teammate and being a coach on the mat. Some of my proudest moments in my career are helping a high-school teammate win the state championship and training with one of my college teammates during Nationals where he became an All-American.

Wrestling is a tough sport. There is not always instant gratification. It is very similar to being a doctor in that no matter what is going on, no matter what the situation a doctor is always a doctor and a wrestler is always a wrestler. The discipline required for wrestling is there on and off the mat.

Wrestling is not for everyone, but those who stick with it and “catch the wrestling bug” will be rewarded for a lifetime.

Why Wrestling? Forbes Article

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